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Robert Tibbo holding press conference at the Hong Kong legislature with democratic legislators James To and Andrew Mok and the Tibbo Refugees (February 2017)

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Snowden Related
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HK and International Litigation
SCMP “Indonesian maid at centre of 'torture ordeal' row could sue Hong Kong government” (20 January 2014) by Joanna Chiu

Time “Hong Kong Government Could Be Sued Over Maid Abuses, Says Top Rights Lawyer” (20 January 2014) by Per Liljas

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New York Times “Journalist’s Expulsion Casts Shadow on Hong Kong’s Future” (2 November 2018) by Austin Ramzy

SCMP "‘Misplaced priorities’: NGO accuses Hong Kong authorities of neglecting food, shelter needs of asylum seeker and 4 daughters despite education access" (11 June 2023) by Lars Hamer