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Robert Tibbo, Press Conference at Skyline Tower, Kowloon at Hong Kong Immigration screening of Tibbo Refugee (May 2017)

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Barrister & Solicitor


University Lectures
• ​Robert Tibbo, "The emerging role of whistle-blowers in democracies", University of Newcastle, United Kingdom (2022)
• ​Robert Tibbo, Impacting Policy: Blowing the whistle on corruption, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom (2022)
• ​Robert Tibbo, Esq and client Edward Snowden, "Open Dialogue", Dalhousie University (May 2019)
• ​Robert Tibbo Whistleblower Protections and the dismantling of International Human Rights Law and Investigative Journalism. With conference co-speakers John Kiriakou, Craig Murray, and Andrew Fowler - Whistleblowing, Human Rights and the Media, Newcastle University, Newcastle, United Kingdom (May 2019)
• ​Robert Tibbo, Technological Innovation and Manipulation: Society’s Surrender of Human Rights, Cap Note Speaker University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (March 2019)

Conference Lectures / Talks
• ​Robert Tibbo "The continued erosion of International law and human rights under a global pandemic" rC3 - Remote Chaos Experience, Chaos Computer Club Virtual Conference (2020)
• ​Robert Tibbo and client Edward Snowden Human Rights at a Global Crossroads 36C3 - Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, Germany (2019)
• ​Robert Tibbo The Surveillance State limited by acts of courage and conscience: An update on the fate of the Snowden Refugees 35C3 - Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, Germany (2018)
• ​Robert Tibbo and client Edward Snowden The Snowden Refugees under Surveillance in Hong Kong: A Rapidly Emerging Police State and Imminent Deportation to Sri Lanka and Philippines 34C3 - Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, Germany (2017)
• ​Robert Tibbo, Lena Rohrbach and Sönke Iwersen "The Untold Story of Edward Snowden’s Escape from Hong Kong and How You Can Help the Refugees Who Saved His Life" 33C3 - Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg, Germany (2016)
• ​Robert Tibbo The Inside Story of Edward Snowden in Hong Kong , Foreign Correspondents Club, Hong Kong (2017)

• ​ABC News Australia, The World Refugee who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong granted asylum in Canada
   (27 March 2019), Interviewed by Beverley O'Connor
• ​Radio Canada, 24/60 – Snowden : entrevue avec l'avocat Robert Tibbo (28 November 2018),
   interviewed by Anne-Marie Dussault
• ​CBC Radio, Canada - Front Burner – The woman who hid Edward Snowden (28 March 2019),
    interviewed by Jaymie Poisson
• ​Borderlines, Canada – #26 - Representing Edward Snowden and an Overview of Hong Kong Refugee Law,
   with Robert Tibbo
” Interviewed by Peter Edelmann, Introduction by Steven Meurrens (28 November 2018)
• ​ABC News Australia, The World – Fate of "Snowden" refugees in hands of three Australian lawyers (March 2019)
• ​CBC Radio, Canada, As it Happens – Snowden escaped arrest with help from a Canadian and refugees in Hong Kong, Interviewed by Carol Off (Radio) (8 Sept. 2016)